Quest for fire v0.1

Added particles and trigger volumes, and all is data driven.


Let the fruits fall

Fruits are now detached of impact with movable objects.

Bouncing balls

My fake buoyancy seems to suffer some of the symptoms that Newtons buoyancy had.

And so I faked it…

For a relationship to work you must sometimes fake some things. I faked Newton’s buoyancy, and I love it!

The great mystery of the rolling wet rock

Newton is rolling my rock again!

Bubbles? I like rocks!

Bubbles rocks!!! Hell yeah!

Holly frickin’ flying rocks

As you can clearly see I mastered buoyancy using Newton Game Dynamics. I ar genius!

2012 06 29 Here are your stinkin’ fruits

Managed to fix the input issue and to add the fruits, but they are still not correctly positioned. May be the bones, may be the position & orientation code.

2012 06 28 The incredible fruit tumor

Managed to link the fruits to the plant with Newton hinges, with no freedom. Unbuffered input still provides most of the fun.