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Attack of the two legged duck

My NPC now knows to follow and attack the player. No decision system is yet implemented, just the movement, animation and hit checking using Newton convex casts.


The goofy alien

I’ve modeled a better alien to serve as a test NPC. It took me about a day, go figure. I must kidnap an artist ASAP.

Light my fire

Entities in hand now also take damage, and all the associated effects. Also added some actions on mouse buttons.

Burn all the Sticks!!!

I now have flammable objects. They catch fire when receiving fire damage and also during burning. That’s why the stick disappears at the end. IT DIED A GRUESOME DEATH!!!

Bombs awaaaay!

Dropping about 50 rocks from inventory.

Let the fruits fall

Fruits are now detached of impact with movable objects.

Bouncing balls

My fake buoyancy seems to suffer some of the symptoms that Newtons buoyancy had.

And so I faked it…

For a relationship to work you must sometimes fake some things. I faked Newton’s buoyancy, and I love it!

The great mystery of the rolling wet rock

Newton is rolling my rock again!